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"ERI is the best investment I've made all year."
June DeLeo, SPHR
Principal, HR Response LLC

"Plotted dots and trend lines in executive compensation analyses where you can audit the data, including full proxies and 10-Ks. I've never seen anything that approaches the Assessors!"
William A. Caldwell, CCP, CBP
Former WorldatWork President

"My subscription to ERI has been the VERY BEST investment of my professional career. ERI paid for itself before the end of the first month. The precision and detail of the data that I can now provide my clients enhances my own credibility as a consultant."
Christine V. Walters, MAS, JD, SPHR
Independent Consultant, FiveL Company

Surveying Nonprofit Salaries For Over 25 Years

ERI Economic Research Institute was founded over 25 years ago to provide compensation applications for private and public organizations. ERI's applications are available to management, analysts and consultants and are now widely used by client organizations (thousands of corporate and consulting subscribers). Subscribers include corporate compensation, relocation, human resources, and other professionals, as well as independent consultants and counselors, and US and Canadian public sector administrators (including military, law enforcement, city/county, state/provincial, and federal government pay administrators).

Nonprofit Comparables Assessor Software

ERI's robust nonprofit executive compensation survey software, called the Nonprofit Comparables Assessor, provides competitive cash compensation data. This interactive database adjusts reported salaries based on your inputs for nonprofit industry and organization size. In addition, it quickly retrieves executive pay histories of comparable nonprofit organizations. You can control the selection of these comparables, searching by organization name, executive name, size in assets, industry, geographic location, and more. Try a free demo today!

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For organizations and executives that do not require an annual subscription to ERI's compensation tools, please see:

  • Form 990s: Perform your own research! Looks up the financial and executive pay histories of comparable organizations in your nonprofit industry. Note: Only the compensation of the Top Paid Executives are reported in these IRS Form 990s. Price: FREE

A - Compensation Software

Analyze salaries for 7,000 positions in all industries.

Set branch office salary structures based on geographic pay differentials.

Calculate relocation allowances for 10,000 cities.

Calculate executive salary ranges for all industries. Base salary, incentive and total compensation data provided. Maximum reasonable compensation estimates, reliability statistics, and survey sources included.

Tax-exempt salary database of reasonable and competitive executive compensation. Consultant Edition is utilized by regulators to determine reasonable and competitive executive pay levels, and to spot outliers.
B - Executive Compensation

Research past executive pay packages at competitor organizations.

Calculate the future value of stock options.

Compute the reasonable working capital needs of a corporation.

Base salary calculations by position and location.

Competitive executive total cash compensation survey data for 500 top management job titles in all industries.
C - Nonprofit Executive Comp
Review comparable organizations' financial histories and executive pay for highest-paid employees.

Most comprehensive database available of executive salaries in tax-exempt organizations.

Filtered search of executive pay at similar tax-exempt organizations based on your input for compensation level, revenue size, assets, location, organization name, executive name, and/or industry code.

D - Cost-of-Living

Calculate general cost-of-living differentials for renters between different cities in the same country.

International cost-of-living calculator for college students.

For US, Canada, and international cost-of-living comparisons, see ERI's Relocation Assessor software. Create detailed two-city comparison reports based on each employee's earnings level and spending pattern. Calculate cost-of-living allowances for temporary travel and permanent employee relocations.

E - Compensation Resources

Keep up to date on recent developments in pay administration.

Sign up to receive or download ERI's free compensation newsletters.

Free access to US, Canada, and international compensation and benefits laws and regulations.

US job availability by position title.
F - Social Security Resources

Determine the Primary Insurance Amount (i.e. Social Security monthly retirement benefit) adjusted for payment beginning at the specified Retirement Age.

Updated electronic edition of the US government's Dictionary of Occupational Titles. Analyze over 10,000 jobs.

G - Compensation Reports

Salaries for 100,000 jobs in 200 countries. Single salary database for compensation management worldwide.

Competitive college graduate salary reports by position. Participate in a survey and receive a free report, regularly.

Merit increases by industry, location, and position.

H - Compensation Education

Definitions for thousands of terms used in the compensation field.

Widely used online compensation and benefits textbook for HR professionals.

Online courses train Human Resources professionals and college students on the ins-and-outs of pay and benefits administration.

Earn recertification credit conveniently online. Take ERI compensation and benefits courses to receive WorldatWork Society of Certified Professionals recertification credit. PHR/SPHR, CE, CPE, and CRCC credit also available.
I - Job Analysis Resources

Analyze thousands of positions. Update job documentation (titles and descriptions). Consultant Edition provides disability and outplacement analyses based on an individual's interests, education, experience, and physical/mental capabilities.

US job availability data by position title.

Shows cross-industry codes for DOT, NAIC, SEC, SIC, PBA, and other occupational classification systems.

Review PAQ Services' database of field job analyst inputs for 20,000 jobs.

Calculate an employee's eligibility for overtime pay based on new FLSA regulations.

J - Salary Calculators

Conservative salary estimates for employees.

Find out the earnings power of different careers.

Review salaries for 100,000 jobs in 200 countries.

US government Bureau of Labor Statistics annual compensation survey.
K - Employee Benefits

Train HR staff and general employees on employer-sponsored benefit plans.

Widely-used online compensation and benefits textbook for HR professionals.

Definitions for thousands of terms used by HR professionals when administering pay and benefits.

Competitive benefits report for the US.
L - Compensation Surveys

Review ERI's salary survey library.

Access consensus salary survey data for the US, Canada, and Europe.

ERI Economic Research Institute is a leader in compensation information, providing salary survey and cost-of-living research reports and software used by thousands of subscribers to set pay for more than 10 million employees.

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