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"ERI is the best investment I've made all year."
June DeLeo, SPHR
Principal, HR Response LLC

"Plotted dots and trend lines in executive compensation analyses where you can audit the data, including full proxies and 10-Ks. I've never seen anything that approaches the Assessors!"
William A. Caldwell, CCP, CBP
Former WorldatWork President

"My subscription to ERI has been the VERY BEST investment of my professional career. ERI paid for itself before the end of the first month. The precision and detail of the data that I can now provide my clients enhances my own credibility as a consultant."
Christine V. Walters, MAS, JD, SPHR
Independent Consultant, FiveL Company

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Data are retrieved from ERI Economic Research Institute's Library of nearly 7 million Form 990, 990PF, and 990EZ reports. Information, including reported compensation data, from these IRS returns is processed at the rate of 60,000 returns per month. This massive extraction effort began with 2003 returns and continues today, constantly feeding the database used in ERI's Nonprofit Comparables Assessor software.
ERI Economic Research Institute is a leader in compensation information, providing salary survey and cost-of-living research reports and software used by thousands of subscribers to set pay for more than 10 million employees.

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